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"At the end of the day you can hang up your clothes, but you can't hang up your hair. It is so important as a stylist to ‍‍‍listen and encourage personal style. From my clients color to their cut I want people to feel confident & comfortable when they leave my chair. I dare you to be an individual from head to toe."


"Creating an individual look for each client gives me joy. I am only satisfied once my client is and I love to see the‍‍‍m leave with a smile on their face. It is important to me and beneficial to my clients that I keep updating my skills with continued education and make sure to take advantage of any opportunity to learn new techniques."


"I love doing makeovers! When feeling like you're stuck in a rut with your look, changing your colour and cut is way more transformative than shopping for new clothes"‍‍‍



"The best part of doing hair for me, is how it makes my clients feel. Knowing I have made someone happy, and that I have made their day, is a great feeling, and it happens every day."‍‍‍



"The transformative power of hair can truly be amazing. I am proud everyday to work closely with my clients, giving them the tools to recreate a polished look at home. With my experience in cutting and colouring techniques, it is my mission to unlock the potential that everyone has to ‍‍‍have beautiful hair."‍‍‍


"Passion" – An intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm or desire for something". "As a stylist, I am passionate about my career, and each style created. Specializing in color, foiling and designer cuts, I strive to create an overall look customized to each client's individual needs."


"Having many years of experience both in London, UK and downtown Ottawa during my hairstyling career my passion still drives me to create hair that fully embodies my client's looks and feelings. A balance of functionality and "look good – feel good" principles are vital to achieving my clients satisfaction. "

Scissors Hair Studios - Ottawa's Hair Care Specialists

"Initially, my first introduction to the industry - I had a clear vision on the type of stylist I would become; someone who listens, has experience, continues their education, and exudes with passionate energy and commitment. I definitely view myself in that role, and continuously look to my peers and teachers for inspiration and motivation on giving my clients the best possible experience. I love taking a step back at the end result, whether a minor change or a major transition - and examine the clients excitement and joy. That, is what makes me love what I do."